For Providers

As a provider with Tejas, you will be part of a network that aims to improve the quality of life and services for our community. Tejas has a strong track record of prompt claims payment, integration of physical and behavioral health services, adherence to regulatory timeframes, and timely and accurate reporting to contractors. Our providers understand the need and truly have a passion for the work they do! Click on any of the links below to learn more about the Tejas provider experience.

Authorization Request

Providers are required to request authorization before providing services. Tejas uses information provided on the forms available here to determine if a service is appropriate.

Provider Enrollment

Provider enrollment involves the approval process required of providers every three years to ensure services for members are performed by a quality provider network.

Provider Relations

Tejas provider relations is administered through the Tejas Ombudsman, who serves as a liaison between providers and the Management Service Organization (MSO).

Provider Resources

The Tejas Quality Management department monitors provider satisfaction with managed services administrative supports, which include timely payment of services and member coverage updates.

Provider Training

All Tejas providers and employees are required to complete training so that we may continue to provide quality services to our members.